What Do Peptides Have to Do With Skincare?


Science has proven that peptides can help manage wrinkles in your skin and reverse the signs of aging. The human skin is made up mostly of collagen, which provides the thickness and foundation for the skin. As we age, collagen breaks down revealing thinner skin and more wrinkles. Peptides found in skincare products can provide significant anti-aging benefits.

What Are Peptides?

Peptides are made up of amino acids that make specific proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of skin, and without them, the skin won't remain intact. When peptides are applied to the surface, it creates a more supple appearance. Peptides also strengthen other proteins such as elastin and keratin. Different peptides work in different ways. Some have a skin-soothing effect while others reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Peptides in Skincare

The peptides ability to revitalize the skin's foundation is an asset for skin health. Peptides need supporting ingredients to help them do their job effectively. Any reputable skincare product must include a specialized formulation of antioxidants, peptides, and skin-replenishing ingredients. When combined, they can reverse the signs of aging.

Peptides make an excellent addition to your skincare regimen because they can address many skin issues. Products such as serums and moisturizers that include skin-restoring substances will visibly improve the appearance and health of your skin. You can also use it in conjunction with popular non-invasive, and quick skin treatments, like Botox, specialized facials, and other unique skin treatments. You can never be too careful with your skin.

With consistent use, you can expect skin that is more firm, smooth, elastic, and taut. In several clinical trials regarding anti-aging serums, 100 percent of the participants saw improvement in the overall appearance of skin texture, crow's feet, clarity, and radiance.

What is Peptide Therapy?

As of 2015, there were over 140 peptide drugs evaluated in clinical trials. There were also 60 FDA-approved peptide medications and more than 500 in pre-clinical development.

Peptides are variable in structure, and their effects are wide-ranging. One class of peptides is known as growth hormone secretagogues, which causes the body to naturally produce HGH. These particular peptides are useful in treating age-related conditions such as obesity, chronic inflammatory disease, and osteoporosis.

Another class of peptide drug can increase melanin in the skin to prevent skin cancer. It can also improve sex drive and increase lean muscle mass. In addition to helping the skin, peptide therapy can benefit those looking to lose fat and build muscle. It is also beneficial for those who have Lyme disease, thyroiditis, or fibromyalgia, among other conditions.

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Franziska I.