3 Tips for Healthy, Attractive Skin

A proper skin care routine is important at any age, and can make a world of difference as you get older. You won't need to spend money on expensive cosmetic surgery if you properly care for your naturally healthy skin. We've put together a simple guide to enhancing your appearance. It should help you look and feel great.

Watch Your Diet

While it's easy to eat cheap fast food, certain foods can lead to breakouts of acne and dull skin. Coffee and alcohol can also harm your skin's elasticity and leave you looking older. Try to incorporate healthy fats and vitamin-enriched fruits in your diet. The Spa Dr. explains, “foods like green and herbal tea, bone broth, avocados, fermented food (sauerkraut, or kimchi), yogurt, salmon, oatmeal, and kale, are all good for your overall skin health, and they will add benefits to your overall health as well.” When dining with your friends, opt for a Cobb salad over a greasy burger for a filling meal that will get you energized with healthy ingredients.

Don't forget to drink plenty of water. You can also substitute green tea for coffee as a morning pick-me-up. Try to avoid processed foods when you can, and look to natural options when you need a quick bite. Good nutrition matters, and your skin will thank you for it.

Use Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a fun way to obtain and keep youthful skin. These treatments are usually offered by spas, but you may be able to get radiant skin by simply hot-tubbing with friends. Using a hot tub is an easy way to use hydrotherapy and relax. Rocky Mountain Hot Tub explains, “the warm water causes your body to perspire, which helps remove damaging toxins from your body, allowing you to have healthier, more beautiful skin.”

Join a gym with a hot tub and relax while purifying your skin. If you're on vacation, treat yourself to a dip in the tub. This social activity can be enjoyable as well. In a pinch, even enjoying a nice hot shower can yield benefits.

Focus on Your Mental Health

Stress can cause wrinkles and leave you with no time to better yourself and your appearance. Facing Acne explains, “a link has been found between students taking exams and acne breakouts. They explained that this happens because the brain and the skin both make the same stress-related hormone that causes inflammation.” Try to take some time to breathe with activities such as yoga and meditation.

Your school may even have clubs for these calming activities. Meditation and yoga are great to enjoy with friends, and they're much healthier activities than going to the bar every weekend. Find a cute workout outfit and go to town.

We know you want to look your best in order to feel your greatest. It's important to look after your health to let your appearance shine. We hope you find these tips helpful and get your glow back.

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